How to Setup GDPR Banner and Tracking Consent using Analyzely App

Follow these steps to enable tracking consent and configure the GDPR banner in the Analyzely App:

Access the Analyzely App:  #

Log in to your Shopify store. Go to Analyzely the app.

Click on the GDPR banner tab.

Navigate to the GDPR Banner Section

In this section, you will see a notification banner. Click on the link labeled “here” within that banner. This will redirect you to your store’s preference section.

Click on the Link here

Configure Customer Privacy Settings: #

¬†Scroll down the preference page until you reach the customer privacy section. Then, select the “Collected After Consent” option.

Select Collected after Consent

Save Your Changes: #

After selecting the option, click on the “Save” button.

Store preference Click on the Save Button

Activate the GDPR Banner: #

After configuring the customer privacy consent. Return to the GDPR banner section. Click on the “Activate” button.

Click on the Activate Button

You will be redirected to a page where you will find the “Consent Banner” app embed enabled. Then, On the top-right corner of that page click the “Save” button. After saving your changes, close the tab to return to the GDPR banner section again.

Navigate to the GDPR Banner Section

Configure the GDPR Banner: #

The GDPR banner is now activated. Now proceed to configure it to your preferences.

Display Setup: #

In this section, you can choose the region where you want the banner to be displayed.

Select the Region

Content Setup: #

Here, you can customize the following banner settings:

  •  Banner Text
  •  Privacy Policy URL
  •  Privacy Policy Link Text
  •  Accept Button Text
  •  Decline Button Text
  •  Banner Background Color
  •  Accept Button Background Color
  •  Decline Button Background Color
  •  Privacy Policy Link Color
Customize Consent Banner

Don’t forget to click “Save” to save your customization preferences.

Go to the app dashboard. Scroll down the page and locate the tracking consent section. Then, enable tracking consent.

Enable Tracking Consent

After enabling tracking consent, click on the “Save” button.

Enable Tracking Consent Save

Following these steps, you can effectively enable the GDPR banner and tracking consent settings in the Analyzely App, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

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Updated on November 4, 2023